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This swallow tail hasp & staple was originally produced by us around 1910 and has been revived recently to re-join the range.


Cast and hand finished in brass.


Retail price £36.25 + VAT. 

See page 60


Pad eye, binnacle ring or any use you can find, these very strong and well engineered fittings are forged from manganese bronze and brass and come in two sizes. Low rattle, high load to give years of reliable service.  

Breaking loads:  Small 800 kgs   Large: 1200 kgs


See page 24 for more details


Alongside the above, we also offer 3 sizes of ring bolts to the same exceptional standards. With bolts 10mm, 11mm and 12mm they have a breaking load from 800 kgs to 2000 kgs.



Beautiful, strong and affordable, these ash & stainless steel blocks can handle ropes from 8mm to 14mm and have safe working loads up to 2000 kgs


See rigging section for more details.

Time to upgrade to real wooden blocks? 


Easy to dismantle, service and re-assemble for a long and happy life. 

 Forged Shackleware

Swallow Tail Hasp & Staple


 Bronze Good Fortune Star


A star on board gives positive energy.  It makes good things better and stops bad things getting worse.  This bronze star is hand cast and finished to a full shine with a central fixing hole so that it can be secured to any part of the boat.


Size from centre to points: 1.1/2″  (38mm)


Part Number: 9526/GM


Retail  price £11.77 + VAT